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define trust

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on April 14, 2014

go ahead go ahead and try

cuz if i do something bad to you and you don’t remember or


or if enough time passes (think vikings think alcatraz think mao think think don’t think)

then you’ll forgive forever or it’ll become a joke and

trust me, she said, you can trust me (but isn’t that exactly what the trap says

that’s what a trap is, it says “trust me”

does someone or something worthy of trust need to say “trust me?”

i have a feeble belief that everything anyone says about themselves is false

I have a hard time trusting the emotions of women because I know that the history of womanhood is a history of oppression and that given no physical space their powers expanded instead into mental psychological emotional heart heart heart

Time has no heart and lions kill to feast