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where is metaphysics

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on September 11, 2013

someone says something’s bad yeah yeah

i say “well, if it’s bad, then where did it come from? did it come from bad?”

someone says it came from bad yeah yeah

“Well, where did that bad come from? Was it bad all the way back?”

and so we realize there was good in it, too
and there’s no bad
duality’s an illusion
yada yada
and it helps us relax

but where does this relaxation take place?

metaphysics has an effect too,
maybe your MP professor hits your brain in a certain way
gets into your psychological fuck-spot
spills some seed / makes some babies

metaphysical babies, what/where are they?


stop STOP
with categorization
I am tired tired tired
of abstraction

yes, it’s powerful
yes, computers blah
yes, ontology

but come ON can’t we just live in the world for a while
without “this is cup, this is human”
just with “this is”
why is this so hard?

layer upon layer upon layer
a million layers of abstraction towering into emptiness
stop it 
I want to stop seeing “cup” and “table” and “computer”
I want to just see

But seeing “cup” is a seeing of a thing
in my mind
ugh, these knots!
who can untie them? 
is there anyway to undo this conundrum


because your metaphysics still is a thing you’re seeing, still is an object in the world, still is a thing to interact with
so musn’t it follow its own rules?
but how can it contain itself, if nothing can?
so it must be a ghost, a delusion, a figment
all philosophy is golden lies
the philosopher’s stone is a reflection of this:
you cannot turn lead into gold
you cannot turn idle thought into beautiful thought

do, be, live, love


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  1. Graham said, on September 13, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    Teacher: “Before studying Zen, men are men and mountains are mountains. While studying Zen, things become confused — men are no longer men, and mountains are no longer mountains. After studying Zen, men are once again men, and mountains are once again mountains.”

    Student: “What is difference between before and after?”

    Teacher: “None, only that the view is as if your feet are a little off the ground.”

    (Paraphrased from D.T. Suzuki)

  2. bigsleytheoaf said, on September 13, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    This made my day!

    Still stuck in no-men, no-mountains world, but on my way out.

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