Bigsley the Oaf


Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on August 3, 2013

For about a month I haven’t really been able to shower because the shower drain was backed up with disgust. I bought some Drano but I kept leaving it at Z’s house, but finally


I was home, and I had my drano, and I poured it down the drain.

(Listening to the Smiths, now, cuz I fixed my speakers too, and it feels soooo good)

No, no, wait, it all makes sense.

At first, when I tried to flush the drain after applying the drano, the water pooled like it had when the pipe was unobstructed. I was heartbroken.

But then, then! With a gurgle and a start it all started to flowwww dowwwn and I felt

with it

all my fears and paranoias and worries

anxieties all my “what if the world ends in flames” all my “is love real?” all my “what’s real, anyway?” all my “am I good enough”




down the drain with it.

I felt alive and free and completely full of hope. And I laughed and laughed and I laughed and laughed.

We accumulate so much shit! And to think that all we need is some chemical slurry poured down our throats to clean it out.

This is probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever written.

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