Bigsley the Oaf

Ideas for Blog Posts

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on June 25, 2013

(a list I’ve been making)

– (Computer Science) Library creation as act of supreme faith
— must believe that abstraction is Essential/Intransient
— raises questions about why people create libraries? what motivates?
— e.g. Jenkins – boring as shittt

– What it feels like to read shit-tons of code

– Two people simultaneously experiencing a holy event & fallout

– Teleology of programming – if inanimate matter is “hell” then we either bring ourselves to it or it to us
— recast faust legend w/r/t machines/computers
— infinite mindless repetition of archetypes

– How to create an archetype?
— are new archetypes possible?

– communities organized around mechanisms for coping with stress created
by the stress of systematic material interaction (capitalism)

Big Ideas for Songs:
– Utopia
– Hell

Research topics:
– Elijah/Isaiah

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