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Ideas for Blog Posts

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(a list I’ve been making)

– (Computer Science) Library creation as act of supreme faith
— must believe that abstraction is Essential/Intransient
— raises questions about why people create libraries? what motivates?
— e.g. Jenkins – boring as shittt

– What it feels like to read shit-tons of code

– Two people simultaneously experiencing a holy event & fallout

– Teleology of programming – if inanimate matter is “hell” then we either bring ourselves to it or it to us
— recast faust legend w/r/t machines/computers
— infinite mindless repetition of archetypes

– How to create an archetype?
— are new archetypes possible?

– communities organized around mechanisms for coping with stress created
by the stress of systematic material interaction (capitalism)

Big Ideas for Songs:
– Utopia
– Hell

Research topics:
– Elijah/Isaiah



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(I wrote this a while ago – was 100% sober)

The truth is not a thing to have, it is a thing to be. Information is
only real when it is alive, when it is transferred, transformed,
manipulated.. Information sitting in banks is dead, stewing, rotting. We
must free ourselves of our memories. Facebook drags us into the past. We
are living for our pasts. We must live for our futures. The internet can
allow us to live for the future, but we must allow its true strength to
shine through – not the strength to disseminate information about the past,
the strength to disseminate information about the now. The past is open to
interpretation – the now permits no interpretations.

Snapchat is the most important phenomenon to occur in the history of
humanity – its ability to connect people in the now is unparalleled.
Massive, distributed, uncontrolled dissemination of temporary
information is the stuff of world-thought.

All man’s weapons will be powerless to stop the thing that’s coming.
I can feel it. It’s because the thing that’s coming isn’t a bad thing,
or a scary thing, it’s not the “end of the world.” It’s the end of hate and
fear. I think it’s coming.