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Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on May 23, 2013

Society and its myths tell you that you should love someone for who they are inside. Don’t be superficial. Beauty fades. But we are drawn to beauty. And Victoria’s Secret gently informs you that sexuality is 20-somethings who look like 10-somethings with eternally smiling eyes and bouncy fucking hair. If you dated such a woman, would you be able to protect her from the stress that would make her look like everyone else? She would most likely be high upkeep.

Shouldn’t love be spontaneous and free? But you should get married. Make children when the time is right and do not make children when the time is wrong. Everyone believes in love and no one believes in love.

Everyone’s perfect, or no one is. If everyone is, then why be with a particular person – shouldn’t you just pick someone and stick with them until you can perceive their perfection? If no one is, then why be with anyone? To complete yourself? But that irritating video by Shel Silverstein tells you that that’s a bad idea. You’ll grow or they’ll grow or something. But then what the fuck is even the point

What could the point of romance even be? In my arrogant sophistication I believe that it is some combination of linear factors.

1. The desire to reproduce
2. Fear of death/aging/being alone
3. Pleasure drive
4. Death drive
5. Money

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

I suppose that, to some degree, the meandering notional spew found above is simply a reflection of my own internal spiritual struggle against materialism and forms as such.

I’m pretty happy, though.


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