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I tumbling of words
Did not want to be alive forever
Now do

When I was in the coffee shop earlier today there was a woman in a yellow skirt, and her friend was in a blue skirt. The skirts were long and elaborate. I have never known women like that.

I’m going to kill myself when I’m 63.
I do not believe in Objective Reality.
I could probably love them.



Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake ft. JAY Z (0:00 – 0:34)

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Required Reading:


#1 – 0:00 – Close-up of hands playing piano w/ trumpets blasting. Immediately reminiscent of old-timey classic BS like Frank Sinatra and whatever. They want you to take this seriously (piano is a serious instrument – JT isn’t using synths or an elaborate production team – just piano + trumpets). One weird thing is that you can’t hear the piano – you can only hear trumpets. It’s a strange effect to have an image of his playing piano but not actually hear it – causing immediate cognitive dissonance and a feeling that his playing is somewhat casual (though I’m not sure why it causes this feeling).

#2 – 0:00 – 0:02 – We zoom out to see that JT is in some sort of hotel room. He’s either rehearsing or playing casually (for fun), though the mood is serious. This video is in B&W which implies more old-timey feeling + that this is SERIOUS. There’s a drink on the piano and an empty champagne flute, implying that there was a party, or someone else involved at some point (probably an attractive woman). He’s wearing a ruffled dress shirt, which implies that this is early morning or mid-day – perhaps this is the same shirt that he was wearing the night before.

#3 – 0:02 – 0:03 – Another cut, now we can see guitars in the background, and we notice that his tumbler is empty. On 0:03 we hear JT go “oooh” which sounds a bit like he’s orgasming or something, and this lasts into the next cut.

#4 – 0:03 – 0:04 – Same angle as #2, but zoomed out, now we can see the guitars and JT yawning or some shit? Wtf is this hand-to-mouth motion? Is it implying he’s tired? That shit’s just sloppy.

#5 – 0:04 – 0:07 – The longest cut so far, probably because they want us to focus on the scantily clad woman in the background, who throws up a pillow and kicks her legs. This woman is obviously a sex kitten and is wearing very few clothes, despite the fact that JT is receiving a back rub. This implies that the woman has no sense of propriety and is undoubtedly freak-y. She is also probably upper class as she is so casual around “the help.” This is setting up JT as a sort of ALPHA, which is of course necessary to the vibe of the whole thing. This video is part of an ongoing effort among mainstream media producers to emotionally + spiritually castrate your average male while simultaneously filling your average female with feelings of inadequacy and perhaps lust? I’m not exactly sure and this is conjectural anyway. Also of note is that this scene bears the first repeat of the refrain: “I be on my suit & tie shit, tie shit, tie,” which continues into the next cut. There’s some heavy drum + bass going on and a nice glissade. The glissade implies a sort of heavenly aspect, as this scene is the first element in the construction of the JT universe as some sort of impossible-to-occupy but ultimate Zone. The important thing about these lyrics is that they’re establishing that this is “suit and tie shit” which means that it’s SERIOUS. You can’t be JT and fuck around – though there’s a bit of a fun or like, half-joking undertone (cuzza the expletive). What exactly is “suit and tie shit?” This is a very uncomfortable question, and I’ll come back to it.

#6 – 0:07 – 0:09 – JT receiving a backrub, with an inscrutable look on his face. He seems a bit unkempt (heavy eyelids, tousled hair), probably due to fucking aforementioned Sex Object, and dude seems pretty relaxed to boot. We can’t see the masseuse, though she seems to have dark skin.

#7 – 0:09 – 0:12 – Another long cut. Here JT is pouring booze & has unbuttoned his shirt for some reason. He’s RELAXING, but this is serious relaxation (B&W + he’s not smiling or having fun or anything). It’s important to note that in the first twelve seconds we’ve already established three important symbols which will recur throughout the video – MUSIC, WOMEN, BOOZE. This is how JT relaxes – he plays some music, has sex with women, gets a massage, then drinks booze. I’ve long wondered whether there are explicit monetary relations between the music industry and the alcohol industries. If you ever listen to mainstream rap, there are a lot of songs that might as well be alcohol commercials (SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOT  SHOTS!). Does JT actually drink much? I doubt it. He probably spends most of his time working on his music, fucking models, etc. Why would he drink? I wonder if he does LSD or smokes weed, or if he has access to even better drugs. If JT doesn’t do GHB he probably should, since it’s pointwise superior to alcohol. I wonder if “rich and powerful” people know this. I think this cut would be much better/more interesting if he were expelling some dark-colored GHB out of a syringe into a red party cup.

#8 – 0:12 – 0:15 – OK this is genuinely weird, and I didn’t notice this the first few times I watched the video, but in this cut JT is being pushed on a bed into a space which has the stereotypical light + dust effect of a recording studio/performance space. The implication here is that he’s such a FUCKING PRINCESS that he can’t even be bothered to get out of bed & go to work, so his manager or agent or whatever has to hire some swarthy men in blue-colar attire to push his bed (from the hotel?) into his performance space. The lyrics accompanying this section go “can I show you a few thangs, a few thangs” and span the next cut as well. Presumably these are sexual “thangs,” though it’s unclear why showing someone “thangs” requires “suit and tie shit.”

#9 – 0:15 – 0:18 – Another strange scene for a number of reasons. JT is relaxing (still relaxing) and looks over to see that his beautiful + high class blonde friend has made her chess move (???). OK, why are they playing chess? What’s the implication? Is it a tongue-in-cheek jab at being smart like the new-rich still play chess (or pretend) because they know it looks cool or something? There’s no way JT is good at chess and NO WAY that woman is good at chess. Is it some sort of abstract courting gesture? He doesn’t seem to be paying much attention, in any case, though when she moves his attention comes back to the game, and there’s a very strange wipe transition (someone walks in front of the camera). This implies that they’re in a busy space where people are working, but he’s still relaxing + goofing off like a fucking asshole. I guess this is “swag?” Acting like you’re a princess who drinks + makes the underpaid masseuse hang out with your unclothed hot GF who’s probably saying bullshit + then can’t even get out of bed to do his job + then PLAYS CHESS POORLY instead of like practicing or helping set up or some shit. UGH.

#10 – 0:18 – 0:20 – JT leans forward towards the chess board and removes his sunglasses from his head, implying that he is daunted by the move. But the implication is that he doesn’t even care about this game, anyway! No one watching this video can possibly believe that these two people are good at chess – do we even think that they know how the pieces move? What is he concerned about? Perhaps this scene is supposed to represent a sort of metaphorical realization that JT needs to actually prepare for this show he’s putting on tonight. This makes sense in the context of the next cut.

#11 – 0:20 – 0:23 – OK maybe they were playing chess to kill time before their instructor got there? JT + the blonde are now dancing side by side (there’s a strange filter on the scene which cuts off the top + bottom of the frame – is this supposed to imply that we’re spying on them or something?). There’s someone with implied african-american ethnicity standing off to the left, snapping his fingers. It’s interesting – there are three separate scenes in which there is “help” – the masseuse, the two guys pushing JT in his bed into the studio, and now this scene where he + the broad have some sort of dance instructor – but in each case the ethnicity of the help is occluded. This is undoubtedly because whatever company produced this would not bear to imply that the (lower-class) help is of any particular ethnicity. JT’s white and the broads are white, but we can only guess at the ethnicities of the help. This has to have been intentional. This cut is accompanied by the words “little baby cuz” – JT’s singing to a woman. WOMEN. WOMEN ARE SEX. SEX SEX SEX UGH. This song is riddled with blatant objectification – he calls the woman “baby” here, and later he refers to her (or her ass?) as “it.” The B&W old timey vibe that they’re setting up (more on this later) allows this. You can’t be contemporary and objectifying – you have to hearken back to a bygone era where this thing is OK. This is great because it lets the viewer feel simultaneously exhilarated (either by vicariously objectifying if male or being vicariously objectified if female) while also comfortable that this isn’t related to anything “real or current.” There’s a bit of an irony in that some of the old-timey elements of the video (e.g. JT’s smoking – coming up later – and drinking + B&W) are contrasted with hyper-contemporary (though still classic) architectural styles, clothing, etc. It creates a subtle feeling of dissonance – when is this even taking place?

#12 – 0:24 – 0:26 – “I be on my suit and tie shit” – Now we see JT REALLY trying to relax, because he’s in the presence of JAY Z. JAY Z  is black. DO NOT FORGET THAT HE IS BLACK. THIS IS IMPORTANT. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU REMEMBER THAT HE IS BLACK. Because this video uses his blackness like it was a fucking trump card my GOD. JT feels so awkward trying to relax as much as JAY Z, but he can’t even fucking come close at ALL. He’s like a stuttering neurotic highschool pimply nerd next to JAY Z. Look at JAY Z’s glasses! Look at his shirt. Look at his lean! Look how his arm is way out over the back of the soft WAY extended, holding his drink out, finger pointed, leaning back, LEAN. Shittt. WTF is JT eating, cereal? LIFE cereal? I think that the cereal-eating thing is meant to really bring home the fact that JT is white. JT is so smiley and happy here, because he gets to hang out with JAY Z who is really cool. There’s a subtle implication here that JT can never ever be as cool as JAY Z and that JAY Z is some sort of godlike figure capable of infinite repose & sophistication. Shit I can’t tell if this is all in here or if this is just some sort of weird latent racism I have. Who knows? I suppose I’m getting close to the line between analysis & subjective reaction, but whatever.

#13 – 0:26 – 0:28 – OH SHIT LOOK HOW COOL + REPOSED.



#16 – 0:32 – 0:34 – JAY Z slowly + luxuriously moves his big cigarette to his moist + sexy high class lips. SO CLASS. WTF is he wearing? How does he get so fucking relaxed? Relaxation is definitely an important element of this video. The song up to this point is so mellow + repetitive + nonsensical – everything is fuzzy + dreamlike – you’re meant to be slowly rocked into a comfortable goo-like state where you can’t even help but dream about what it would be like to be either:

Rich + successful + white JT who gets babes + drinks + gets pushed around on beds.

Rich + successful + black JAY Z who lays back and smokes cigars and drinks and is so fucking swag 2themax.

Rich + successful + hot broads who are just straight up fucked and love it.

OK I’mma stop here cuz I’m tired + this shit’s exhausting + I want to let thoughts stew. Maybe I’ll redo this tomorrow.

Gender Binary Work (Afterthought)

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Have you noticed how difficult some cultures make it to have sex? Contrast this with dominant media which frames society as a neverending drunken sex party. Have you listened to any rap lately? Every song on the fucking radio is about men + women fucking/falling in love/etc. Different shades of objectification/symbolification, sure – but all working towards the same premise, which is that you should be getting laid more/experiencing more love. You aren’t. So you work! This coupling of resistance to concrete sex with constant production of abstract sex is precisely the means by which certain classes are manipulated to work.

To _____

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It is simple.
When I say that you are beautiful, what I mean is that
Your facial features tell me things.

Your skin is flawless, but it is hard and cold to the touch.
Your eyes are clear, but they are empty of sentiment.
Your heart is strong, but tired.

I desire to wrap you in layers of silence,
Bear you, swollen like a sick fruit, down into the echo chamber
Where you may experience yourself forever.

It is simple.
When I say that you are beautiful, what I mean is that
Your physical touches my heart.

Language Work / Binary Inhibition

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Required reading:

“We really do love our sex work.”


The extent to which language can do work is the extent to which Capitalism continues to function. The fundamental stuff of language is differentiation, X and not-X. Linguistic constructs (words, sentences, paragraphs, phrases, etc.) serve to differentiate something from that which is not that something. This is naturally observable in dichotomies:


But it’s also true in any sentence.


E.g. let me break down some sentences from this blog post:

“The extent to which language can do work is the extent to which Capitalism continues to function.”

First of all, this sentence is asserting a truth. I’m asserting that the fundament of Capitalism lies in linguistic constructs, but specifically the extent to which language can do work. Why did Capitalism “win?”[1] In asserting this truth it is asserting that the fundament of Capitalism does not lie somewhere else. It’s not in some hateful demon spirit. It’s not in white men. It’s not in any sort of racial/gender/class/whatever. It’s in language. Language is the X, everything else is the not-X.


Work is generated across a gradient. Because language is differentiating it serves to create gradients. Language is a shadow reflection of reality. Any differentiation that occurs in language is a reflection of a gradient in life.

E.g. “gender” is the shadow of “sex”
E.g. “law” is the shadow of “ethics”
E.g. “buddhism” is the shadow of “buddha”

To say that the former systems are shadows is to assert that their essence is derived purely from the essences of the latter systems (though these may derive their essence elsewhere). [2] OK, this may sound crazy-as-shit, but hopefully you get what I’m saying. Law is a system, with rules and calculations, which we operate – ethics is the natural order by which we operate. Buddhism is a system of assertions and practices which we perform – Buddha is a thing which performs us, and so on.

The assertions of the shadow systems mirror the gradients in the real systems. Since the real systems have flows caused by their internal gradients, the shadow systems have corresponding flows (work). 


You may be asking yourself what the fuck this has to do with the Lusty Lady. Watching the video of these beautiful, vibrant women who are engaged in various shades of sex work, the thought occurred to me that the gender binary (whose power is derived from the underlying sexual binary) pushes both genders to extremes specifically by inhibiting “natural” behaviors on both sides.

I’m not going to list what “natural” behaviors are, for the sexes, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that probably there’s something related to mating in there. Probably males have behaviors which cause them to attempt to have sex with females. Probably females have behaviors which cause them to attempt to have sex with males. [3]

Gender arose as a class construct which uses the regularity of these behaviors by inhibiting them and then manipulating the resistance to that inhibition. 

Get it!?!

You say “you’re a man, and you try to have sex with the ladies, so we’re going to tell you that’s wrong, and then put you to work using your pent-up sexual aggression”

You say “you’re a woman, and you try to have sex with the men, so we’re going to tell you that’s wrong, and then use it to perform and organize reproductive labor to be more efficient”

Get it!?!


Homework is to figure out how this works w/r/t other shadow systems.


[1] What is Capitalism but the spirit of “That Which Wins?” Don’t want to go too far down this rabbit hole…

[2] I suppose I’ve become a bit more of an “essentialist” in a certain sense, though I must assert that I don’t believe that my words have essence, and are merely shadow-reflections themselves – oy!

[3] Gotta be careful talking about this!