Bigsley the Oaf

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on January 17, 2013

Out beyond blank black space in white space, I was in the depths of a rapturous contemplation when a small voice snapped me over to the right.


Large smiling eyes, bright gaping grin, overwhelmed by this WHAT? Who’s here, what’s he doing in my space, how did he get here “oh,


I knew you’d be here, here, here I am! I was sure that someone would have found this place by now,” he said:

“Did you know that, though you live as a servant of Virtue, you will one day be free, and Virtue will serve you?” he said:

“Did you know that mathematics is the minimal system which completely describes itself?” he said:

“Did you know a heart burning radiant, a star, a glyph, two doves, a cackling jester, blind, raving? Did you know a tinfoil hat and a cigar? Did you know staples through the lip, pins through the eyes, castration, amputation, death!?”

And I was smiling wide, wide,
out beyond my ears, tears, stream of moments collapsing into,
wide wide smile to not be alone in my space of

demon demon
treasure treasure
life & death &
pleasure pleasure


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