Bigsley the Oaf


Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on November 11, 2012

While you were staring at the sun
I stroked your shoulder tenderly

I was lonely out on the sun’s island / just last year (please remember what a year is)
Last summer,

[bright mosquito sting dissolving into my tender skin –
(Though every other sharpness was deadly, surely)]

Alone with the expected, obvious even, though nevertheless oft forgotten effects of living alone on an island (the ones Tom Hanks wouldn’t let you know about) –
Hallucinated women
Crusty asshole
Open sores
Vitamin deficiency
Festering cuts

But the Moon drifted over and snatched me up
We rode her boat down to this
Calm city surrounded by water
/ the surging tides of
Your heart


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