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A Working City

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on November 3, 2012

(Inspired by “From Communism to Capitalism, from Production to Consumption” – by Anastasiya Ryabchuk and Natalia Onyshchenko in Radical History Review, Fall 2012 – “Why are workers a marginal group?”)

The people of the City wanted to leave the City, but they could not afford the higher prices in other, richer cities

The people of the City worked hard towards the dream of one day leaving the City

The people of the City were fed by the people of the Farm, who could not move to the city due to the high prices

The people of the City converted the food and the dream to create the Work of the city.

The people of the City reproduced in sufficient numbers such that, despite the death rate, the perpetual and ongoing exodus from the city, and retirement, there remained a margin of excess human resource, allowing for growth and development. The city was naturally increasing its capacity for Work.

Contemporary ideas were not of use to the people of the City. However, they were integral to the dream of leaving the city. Thus, they were filtered through the Media Network to produce such a dream.

One day, a Man left the City for the nearby Big City, where he began to contribute to its Work, hoping to one day move to the countryside with his Family and start a Farm.

What does it mean to be marginal?


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