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AgeFuck / Path vs. Web

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on July 25, 2012

In the future, 40-year old men will experience what became known during the 1980s and 90s as “midlife crisis” on a daily basis, and often more than once per day. Each day, the unfolding of chrysalis to reveal new chrysalis to reveal inner child growing out of inner child. This prediction hinges on the belief that time/history itself is undergoing an accelerated process of self-reflection – that the young are in some sense becoming “older” but that the resultant gap at life-end will be composed of childhoods and increasingly accelerated aging schemes. [1]

To be much less cryptic, children are growing up real fast, yeah? Little kids have more Facebook friends than me. Their balls drop faster. Menstruation happens sooner. Bigger muscles. Bigger brains. More efficient. Better connected. Kids these days!

Each person has their breaking point, though – the point at which they can no longer accumulate new connections, new skills, new knowledge. There are two divergent paths stemmed in this crisis point. On one path the human becomes a plant, living in a sort of emotional and physical paralysis, maintaining a set of roles and functions which allow the entities connected to plant to survive. On the other path, the human breaks from society, going into reclusion, maybe getting a tattoo or riding a motorcycle. He experiences “expression of individuality.”

But the latter path qua path has itself become commoditized and schematized. These expressions of “individuality” are themselves only preemptively laid-out plans, concocted by suits and marketing whores, composed of consumption and political routines.

So the individual will discover that their individuality itself is only an expression of an even more deeply rooted connection. And so on and so on. Each reaction to connection itself only another string which ties the organism in to its pre- and over-determined, over-connected life web. It is the precisely set of revolutions against and releases into “the system” which ages humans more quickly than ever before. We are recurrently living out the recorded lives of our ancestors. It is a gaping maw from which there is no escape.

[1] This actually isn’t as cryptic as it sounds. Let’s say that little Jimmy grows up faster than his dad by like 1 year per 5 years. Then what happens when Jimmy is as old as his dad was? Clearly he’s lived “past” his dad in some way – but what is the content of his old age? Does he become incoherent? There are a lot of assumptions about “life path” here that I don’t even want to work out, but I hope you can see what I’m getting at.


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