Bigsley the Oaf

To Love a Mountain

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on June 9, 2012

Hello readers!

I wanted to write a personal message to you, even though there aren’t a lot of you. Did you know that there are some of you? I have regular readers, even though they are few:

Graham – thank you for your friendship and patience. Words cannot express the multitude of my thanks.

Bill – thank you for your hope and intuition. You see something in me that very few people do. I think I see something in you that very few people do.

Toby – thank you for your imagination and spirit. You have shown me a lot about peace and love.

Bryan – thank you for your energy and enthusiasm and your courage to disagree. Thank you for not giving up on me.

Jason – thank you for your enduring patience and faith and heart. I miss you. I want to hug you.

Emma – though you don’t read my blog too much, thank you for your faith and willingness to come back to it from time to time. Thank you for your insight and your perspective.

Cat – thank you for believing in me! You are subtle and beautiful. Thank you for keeping me on the path of goodness.

Gabe – thank you for your inspiration. Your question about humor lead me to write one of my favorite posts of all time! I’ve never even really met you. Hopefully we can properly meet some day.

Noah – I miss you so much. I see such kindness in you and such grace. I know our paths will cross again. Keep the faith!

You’re all so fucking amazingly wonderful. I’m so happy and blessed that you care about me in some way. You’re the real heart of the world, I think. You haven’t given up. Don’t give up. You’re fuckin doing it! You’re all so humble! I can’t say enough. I wish we could all get together and sing!


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