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Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on May 9, 2012

OK So I was just watching youtube and saw some fucking youtube ads and I was thinking about the nature of advertisement and capitalism and how everyone puts ads on things to justify its existence. Which brings me to my first point – why the fuck do there need to be ads everywhere? Can’t youtube just EXIST? Can’t we all just pay for that shit?

And these same liberal assholes who will drink a little too much wine at dinner parties and start talking about capitalism and radicalism and “the man” and slavery and white guilt and whatever – when you tell them about your startup idea, what do they say? “How are you going to monetize that?”

Fuck that, and fuck you, hypocritical assholes!

Like, whenever twitter comes up someone inevitably says “yeah, but it doesn’t make any money!”

So the fuck what!?! Isn’t twitter a great part of our little world, now? You can vent! You can reach out. The search box is like a 3-level course in cultural anthro-fucking-pology! It’s so fucking valuable! So fucking valuable!

Why do we have this feeling like we need to justify everything we do in terms of dollars and cents? Can’t we just come to a conclusion like this:

“Oh yeah, that website would be good for the world – let’s all support its continued existence, cooperatively, as a community of loving users!”

Why don’t people think in terms of projects that involve everyone? Why do projects always have to be producer vs. consumer?

Fuck that. Fuck you!


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  1. Graham said, on May 10, 2012 at 1:36 am

    Yes! This is a flawless crystallization of my current hatred. Thank you thank you thank you!

    I’m more than happy to say that I live WITHOUT ADVERTISING. I don’t watch TV or listen to commercial radio; I have Adblocker Plus and TubeStop to keep the internets pure. I can’t block out billboards or product placement in movies, but I sure as hell mock that shit! And here’s a fucking community start-up project: I want to build a community studio that people can use to record, produce, direct, edit video, cut film, learn to play the guitar, the flute, learn how to jam, learn music theory, etc! Only rule: don’t even think about using my software to make ADS you ASSHOLES

    I’d seriously work for free for 16 hours a day to help people realize their musical dreams if a community somewhere would give me food and a place to sleep.

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