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Dynamic Transcendental Spastic Isomorphic Forms

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on January 19, 2012

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Isomorphism is simultaneously one of the most simple and most difficult concepts in mathematics. We can say that two things are isomorphic (or, equivalently, if there exists an isomorphism between them) if there is a way to represent one as the other, without loss of information.

It’s a simple concept because it’s just so intuitively obvious – 1 = {{}} = the multiplicative identity = f (x) -> x (function identity), etc. It’s the essence of two things being the “same.” It’s “sameness” in its purest form. What could be easier to understand? That dog is that dog. That dog is its cells and organs. That lump of cells and organs is that lump of molecules.

It’s a difficult concept because it’s really unclear how to use it. The answer to this question is more of an ontological/meta-mathematical nature than a purely mathematical one. E.g. what do you do when you find out that two things which you did not think were isomorphic, are indeed isomorphic? E.g. Howard-Curry Isomorphism which proves that proofs in intuitionist logic are isomorphic to a type of computation. Proofs are computation? Holy shit, now what?

But I mean, but I mean, there are no isomorphisms in nature. Information is always lost. Perhaps quantum entanglement or some shit, but I don’t know shit about that.

Anyway, consider a song with a 4/4 beat. “Downbeat” is a construct, in other words it’s a map from the song to some conceptual ideal. But “upbeat” is there, too. And “tone” and “color” and “mood” and take all that shit that you could say about the song. The set of all things we can say about the song uniquely identifies it. And if we can represent these somehow visually, through dance, through animation, etc. then we have some sort of spastic isomorphic form which a space alien human-reverser could transform back into the aural version.

Shit! You know what I mean. Did you watch the videos? Those motherfuckers dancing is isomorphic to the songs!

FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK I love Tucker Barkley. I watch his videos frequently. When I go dancing, I strive to move like his soft pasty white man-ass moves. He’s so ridiculous and fun and spastic and spontaneously creative and AHHHHH. It’s more more more more more than anything else EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER.

I think that my aesthetic has been dominated, historically, by a desire for spontaneity. I don’t create many complete forms. I freestyle rap, I dance, I write short poems, I write steam-of-consciousness blog posts. My style is dynamic and spastic and aims to be transcendental. But it is also burdened by a deep guilt – a lack of intentionality – a flailing, neurotic character. When things go on too long they begin to feel burdensome and dark and terrible. Like on a long run, when you’re running out of blood sugar. Like at the end of a trip, when you’re still far from home. Strung-out and irascible, horny and haunting.

I believe that this spastic dynamic spontaneous shit is tied somehow to my desire to motivate to radical/extreme positions. I wish that I could push the people I know to be radical – give you kids drugs, murder, steal, have sex with basically everything that moves. I wish that I could move myself to be radical. And it feels like the only way to push to radicality is through an impulse – that a full, well-constructed form will move people, change people, drag the social fabric around, but will not radicalize.

I also believe that the reason that I am capable of being spontaneous is that I have become, in many ways, a mirror, a channel, a vessel. I am able to observe a form in one domain and transform it, isomorphically, preserving its flavors, into another domain. This is what poets do, right? They can taste the trees and touch, and it’s all vague, but so honest and true, and they are mirror, mirror, mirror. I mean, to think that all of this structure that I spit out in my blog and in the world somehow lies uniquely and solely in me is just downright arrogant, right? Obviously I’m just taking shit from somewhere else, repackaging it, and sending it out?

This type of packaging can only be accomplished spontaneously. Everything that we do is a transformation, basically, but a slow one is a more complicated one. Not isomorphic, not even linear – a complex convolution of information input with past experience and randomness rolled up and pressurized until it boils out as a new form: lush, green, vibrant, and fertile. It’s great, it’s beautiful, it’s everything, but it’s not me. It’s creating worlds instead of echoing them infinitely. Repetition is the essence of life and I want life want life life LIFE.

I think that spontaneous action which is equivalent to isomorphism – a lossless transformation of form to form – exposes the underlying similarities in reality which free us from independent, burdensome reprentations. So BASICALLY fun = isomorphism, is what I’m really fucking saying – or alternatively: forget about experience reality, BE reality.


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  1. tobyschachman said, on January 20, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    Squarepusher explaining in detail how he puts together the visuals for his shows:

    • bigsleytheoaf said, on February 6, 2012 at 5:22 am

      This was really great! Very inspirational. The way that SP approaches visual representation feels very similar to my own style (or what I aspire to, anyway) – coming up with really nice intuition (“imaginary astronomical phenomena”) and then iteratively figuring out rules which will produce objects which model that intuition.

      I now have ideas percolating related to graphical generation schemes ahhhhhh too bad programming is so slow…

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