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Rapid Ideation

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on December 25, 2011

I’m rapidly ideating at the moment, so I’m just going to write down some quick notes:

1. Internet “community” is rapidly evolving into a more coherent, moral unity. E.g. reactions to SOPA/Protect IP. E.g. Go Daddy Boycott.

– I would like to have a way to be more moral, in general, in my business dealings. Who/what should I boycott? How can we spread information about businesses engaged in immoral acts?

– Is there a way to subsidize others to act more morally? E.g. we could pay people to NOT shop at walmart? Create a don’t-shop-at-walmart fund? Or a fund for people who want to eat well? Charity for the lowest class is good, but what about charity for middle classes?

– Is there a better way to organize people online? There still isn’t a fully unified structure, but rather distributed structures (reddit communities, hacker news, digg, etc. etc.).

2. What is the fucking deal with all these attractive women in movies? Pisses me off.

– Watched Captain America – without an attractive woman for the main character it would have been an impossible movie, narratively, because there would have been no mechanism for correlating CA’s patriotism with his heroism.

– Watched What A Wonderful Life – without an attractive wife for George Bailey, the townspeople would have never gathered, he wouldn’t have been anchored to town.

3. Bitches need to be doing some drugs.

– How can we get more people to do drugs?

– How can we get them to do drugs better?

– Why the fuck is anyone still anti-drug?

– Why is there this myth that there are “bad drugs?”

4. Philistines!

– Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading/thinking more, lately, but I’ve been seeing philistines everywhere. It’s a hard question – how much of society to “reject.” Everyone has their own personal answer. The sum of all these answers constitutes the fabric through which society expresses its power relationships.

5. Value of Ideas

– What is the value of an idea? Part of the reason that the US maintains global superiority is that it produced a lot of good technologies (ideas). A technology is an idea, you know? And it created systems to protect US ownership of those ideas, internationally. I now view the patent system as an international phenomenon – protecting US intellectual interests abroad. But now we’ve specialized in ideas, and perhaps the ideas are running out. What happens then? What happens in the mind, when it runs out of ideas? Is there an “America of the Mind?”

6. Destroying Capitalism?

– How to destroy capitalism (if that’s what you want to do)? Can it be deconstructed? Can we go back to multiple standards, then barter, then nothing? Just sharing? An interconnected web? True communism? World unity? Can this be done intelligently? Or does it require going through capitalism, to the other side?

– Is there a word for this sort of phenomenon – the rising and falling of a dominant system which leaves its mark? A return to naivety, tempered by lots of examples of the failures of the complex system? How can experience from the use of a complex system change one’s perception of their use of a simple system? Simple bad example:

Interaction with physical system (balls flying) -> intuitive approach -> increasingly sophisticated systematic approach -> calculus -> decreasingly sophisticated approach -> intuitive approach

Perhaps it’s just the old thesis, antithesis, synthesis phenomenon. Is there a way to write a program that encodes this?

7. Rapid ideation

– I feel like I’ve been having so many minor epiphanies, recently, and it’s hard to write them down. It’s hard to communicate them fast enough. And I just hear everyone around talking about the same old stuff in the same old ways and I want to be like “NO NO NO IT’S ALL DIFFERENT, NONE OF IT IS THE SAME!” And I’m bored and melancholy and it’s hard to focus, goddammit.


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  1. blim mickey said, on January 3, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    word word, hear hear on number 7; all of it really, this post and beyond, just catching up now, and continually I wish I was sharing as coherently as you are. your writing reaffirms me that despite the world not being in open flames with this sort of stuff, the embers are still glowing hot underneath. the space your ideaframes frame contains so many nebulae that I run into from other angles that it tills that space dust into 3d-farmable dirt.

  2. blue said, on January 8, 2012 at 1:55 am

    so, as i think of it, capitalism is something between: ”a space without an exterior” and “an infinitely expansive network”. any resistance is completely impossible. what i think of doing is creating spaces within it; bubbles within fluid space (flows of capital) or regions that contain some network paths and affect them. maybe this means just not shopping at wal-mart. occasionally, this means throwing bricks at wal-marts, but only when you know there’s no way you’ll get caught. constant levels of transgression, just below the level of being seriously considered a threat to society. i also yell at my friends for shopping at wal-mart or ikea, like i have a nice pre-packaged rant i deliver. i try and get people to hate it just as much as i do…which mostly means refusing to succumb to the feeling that the arguments are old/dead arguments, and that people have ‘heard all that.’ a person looks at other people to self-justify, so you gotta be vocal. within your region you can actually reroute flows.

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