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King World

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on December 11, 2011

Out past the green grass, windmills, hare snares lying in fields; carefully planted by big Father for to feed his children, fjords ~

Gone, gone, gone beyond (diamond body, liquid heart) ~~~

There was a man and he lived his life in the same way and then at time X he began to live his life differently

He decided that it was all systems and systems:

[Suppose X is a system and X changed: dX -> dX is a component of another system, then (e.g. Tensors are operators on tensors, being both data and transformation). And it’s systems and systems and systems. I’m talking multi-linear, here. I’m talking non-linear. I’m talking quasi-linear. Systems & systems and structures & structures and technology & technology.]

The man was endolinear, he: King World!

Endoquasitranssexual do a hand-stand yeah!
Genderbender king queer lick my tits and fist yeah!


Each shape perfectly unfolding through its negative space-
A rose made of shit, a hill of valleys-
Friction of gun against lower lip, lick it yeah!
Kick your face, back-flip out to infinity yeah! Now I’m standing on a star and there are hearts here
How we move~


Do you not understand? This is no temporary delusion of grandeur. There is no simple explanation!

It’s a salty taste, and sweet-tarts, the taste of tears, the taste of pomegranates, nitrous expanding within your lungs, dirt, cloud, moon, cock. How I move~


Please please please please please please please please please please


It’s just need + time, pressure + time, self-analysis, slow evolution of self, slow self-analysis of slow evolution of self, …, pleasure + time, pain + time, time times time, is there anything else?

And now, what are you thinking? Are you out of it, yet? Are you still ensorcelled by politics and lunar cycles and other contingent truths? Or have you blasted off, finally, to the land beyond words where:

1. The fact that none of this particularly makes sense is of no importance whatsoever

2. You can begin to perceive the underlying fabric of emotion/thought/experience which has brought this particular meat popsicle here to flail inarticulately at this keyboard and produce this very thing that you are reading right NOW

And NOW forget about NOW, expand to this week past, this week future, out to your birth, your death, the beginning and end of your experience, the beginning and end of all experiences, the universe, the loops, hmmming…

But that’s a false conception of time as linear, the encapsulation of a non-thing into a model, caustic reification: devious conceptualization crystalizes fantastic emerging truth of minute and maximal detail oscillation.

And NOW forget about YOU and THIS and would you take my cock in your mouth or fuck your mother or torture a child? You’re feeling fear at these thoughts and now you’re revolting against my analysis and now you don’t know what to think.

Forget about all of that, forget it! It isn’t important.

There is nothing new in the whole world, isn’t it boring?

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