Bigsley the Oaf

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on October 23, 2011

Once, the soil hated the stars. It seemed logical at the time. They swam free through the ether, dancing with nebulae and black matter. Their burn was far and bright and eternal. The soil was still and cold, wet. Worms chewed through it. A woman lay in it. “This is ridiculous,” she thought. And the heavens hated her for it. They thought that she was spoiled – what a fish flipping in mud! A whole life in such a small place, wound up like a ball of fire. And the soil could bear her weight and spread out. It could cake between her toes and smear on her face. It could pass through her pores and into her darkness. The woman sighed and coughed. She exhaled her tongue out into the dust of the earth and closed her eyes and wept. Her tears collected and rose and became a puddle, a pond, then an ocean. And the ocean grew and hated the moon. It was young and wild and did not understand: the moon! The moon was old. It swung around and around and around and pulled the ocean. The ocean groaned and folded and strained and was tired. It was not in control. And as it grew old with the moon it smoothed out its chair. It breathed into earth’s heavens and let insects crawl through its heart. The woman grew old, too, and she too let insects crawl through her heart. And one day she noticed that the stars hated the soil. They cried forever, but no one was there to listen – only other stars, but they too cried. When the soil cried, men cared. They warmed it with their sun god, which they feared. And so the story continued for some time.

There was one worm in particular who chewed through the earth. He knew nothing of the stars or the woman, he knew nothing of men. He simply transformed dirt into slightly different dirt. This worm was particular because he hated himself. He hated and hated and grew and grew until one day he was so long that he wound all the way around the world. But still his hate burned and still his body grew until it wrapped round and round the earth and one day he found his tail which, of course, he bit. And the earth was choked and turned into coal.

And all the tears of the heavens poured down upon the blackened earth. But the earth was sad and scared and turned away and into itself. For millennia the scorn of the stars piled onto its shoulders and it shrunk and shrunk until one day it was a bright diamond. The stars’ rays burned through its crystal heart and were sent back out and into the dark. And so the universe grew to see itself.

And it blinked.


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  1. emmajolin said, on October 25, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    one day he found his tail which, of course, he bit.

    of course! of course!

    I love this. I read it multiple times.

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