Bigsley the Oaf

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on May 5, 2011

The beginning and the end of it –

The black spit in my teeth and singing heartstrings of it –

The finger flexed to catastrophe of breaking –

My magma son and flaxseed daughter –

He, masterfully oblivious of the swirling –

She, delerious and poppy.

We laughed, casting all eyes at the horizon,

Smiled and smelled the sandfields burning,

Wondered what had tempted us into any sort of life,

From beyond the wireframe world.

His clockwork body made of fingers gripping –

Tools and transcendence and morality and weaponry –

Frozen in perception of events and ontological simplicites,

And dogs and love and obsession and the cosmos and…

Her flowing skin swelling and transforming –

Constantly bird, maximized function, wonder shield –

Swirling non-dualistically, dripping friendly petal glances,

And human and nutrition and petrification and tree and  hushed …


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