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The Emergence of Generalization

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on January 11, 2011

An individual agent is not capable of generalizing an experience.

For instance, a person sees X happen and somehow believes this is related to Y.

That belief is equivalent to the statement “X happened and Y happened.”

A group of individual agents is still composed of individual agents, and therefore cannot (individually) generalize.

Generalization only occurs as a phenomenon which emerges from the dynamics of a group.

Namely, a group of individual agents see X happen and Y happen and (individually) hallucinate some relation between X and Y.

As time goes on, those who have hallucinated correctly survive, those who have hallucinated incorrectly die.

At some point, only survivors remain.


There is a strong claim here, namely the fact that an individual experiences generalization as a non-generalization, a delusion, an image, a metaphor, what-have-you. The individual does not believe that his or her generalization is true, qua generalization. The individual believes that his or her generalization is true, qua delusion.

The group is capable of belief, in gestalt. The group can believe a generalization. Namely, the group maintains correct generalizations, resources permitting.


To form an effective and coherent theory of intelligence we must put forward beliefs about the emergence of intelligence from non-intelligence. I believe the above illustrates the general principal by which this occurs.

Delusion is non-intelligence, Generalization is intelligence.

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