Bigsley the Oaf


Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on September 22, 2010

My cat likes me because I am learning.

I am learning that oxygen atoms see, that the inorganic feels, just like me. Of course, it doesn’t have a linguistic system in which to embed its understanding. It doesn’t even have a nervous system to spread around the info. But atoms “know” about each other, don’t they?

It means something when I say that I “know” something like “I know China exists.” But is there anything I know which isn’t merely a relationship between things?

I know the brown of my cat, the green of my couch, the feeling of my hands on the keyboard, the sound of this music. I do not know it in a referential way.

But all that happens is that my eyes take in light and it gets processed. When do I start knowing the color? Is it when the light first hits the first atoms of the retina? Then don’t those atoms know the light?

Central thesis of mono-ism: If knowledge is an emergent property then knowledge does not exist essentially, therefore knowledge is empty.

Corollary: Knowledge is atomic, therefore everything has the capacity to “know.”


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