Bigsley the Oaf


Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on September 22, 2010

Life unstoppably begets diversity. Perhaps this is a good definition of “life.”

Given an environment with a fixed set of properties one inevitably sees the fundamental pattern of life emerge: explosion of diversity, resource scarcity, dwindling diversity, death.

Perhaps this is even a property found in inorganic systems. Imagine a large container with a seed of high-pressure oxygen. First the oxygen bounces around and fills the container. Then the heat runs out and it moves more slowly. Eventually, the oxygen condenses into a liquid, then it turns into a solid and sits.

It seems like this is a simple model of life, or at least learning – place a high pressure group of particles in a large space. Let them expand. In the long run, a well defined group will exist.

It’s sad, in a way, to know that I am an articulation of this explosion towards diversity. I know that there are spaces in which creatures breed and explore, and I am simply a chalkboard on which these creatures are drawn and move.

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