Bigsley the Oaf

wing (c. Jan 9th, 2009)

Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on August 19, 2010

there are some number of ineffable somethings stood
just at the periphery of my touch-
currently dreaming of those things in their kinked mist

the imagining of a drone extending indefinitely
into a life continuous and dusty, thorough

the looking up from a book on a Spring day to see
a butterfly wing just off and to fix a look
back onto the thin pages

the remembering of the butterfly wing when
she whispers velvet nonsense across the skin of her lower red lip

the abstracting of the wing, the relentless
“what was the wing, could I really see it?”

the drowning out of all content but the wing
the framing of the wing: “one glimmer of Spring hope”
the philosophizing of the wing,
the meaning of the wing,
the wondering of the wing,
the cataloging of things associated with the wing: the wind, the butterfly, the butterfly body, the lip, Spring
the collecting of wings
the drinking-

the forgetting of the wing, the droning


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