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in and sundrop

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I’m trying to channel something older than keystrokes and to give birth, I’m tasting blood on my teeth, I’m coughing gullets of chicken livers, I’m sundrop skysword lifecrap.

God, ugh, I’m sticky, I’m faster than you, I’m stronger than you, I’m pointing all fingers of everyone at you.

I wish I could sing, I wish. I wish I could swim and gracefully soar, god! Such insane desires are perpetually stringing me along and then here I am some floppy caucasian pervert waiting for nothing.


Cryptic Bullshit

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I don’t care if I exalt in simple sappy sentimentality and you can’t share it.

I’ll lay down in a shallow gally and cough my soul out into a gopher hole, roll over and scream at a rainbow.

Half a step past grace and madness, I look back and beat my wings.

I am more than aware of the drugly nature of everything and that there is nothing nothing nothing you can do to escape it.

But I also believe that sudden enlightenment is always there for you, where the birds wade and the tall grasses wave.

You’re free to grab it, you know?

beauty rock

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How? Oh I can sit and weep at something like this:

And yet I yell at traffic and
Worry about earthquakes and
Still fear death, despite it all

Perhaps I’m just a boulder

So that when I rise and
Shakingly scatter sheets of rock from torso and limbs

This is the real essence of my wailing void

Point and Counterpoint

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Westerners are drawn to the Eastern religions because they are not embedded in a culture which provides both point and counterpoint with respect to the claims of those religions.

They become their own missionaries.

They are no better than the recipients of the missionary dick of yore.

Fuck the Buddha!