Bigsley the Oaf


Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on April 27, 2010

It’s creepy that everyone’s always smiling in pictures. Prove it! Prove you’re happy! Go on! For mommy!

I’ve begun to realize the manifold ultraviolent ways in which society exerts its pressure on you wait, wait, not society precisely.


It’s the strange things I’ve started to believe and see that force my photorictus, a mix, like some wild-eyed robot sitting behind me forcing my liphole anglesup. I can’t explain it – I’ll try, maybe I can explain it.

God! God! Mon Dieu!

Maybe it’s like, realizing you’re small, realizing that all little items are just nothing, a step beyond nihilism – smallism. You can do something, but it’s so small! Nonononononono:

Let me go, seriously, little parasite brain! Let me go! Let me be free for fuck’s sake fuck you GOD!

Oh what is an orgasm? Oh, what’s in it!!! What’s in there!?!

“In?” God!

Every particle of language becomes microscopic and sad, now! Sometimes when you hold me I feel a million miles from earth, baby! And not in a good way!

I seriously flirt with Nihilism, but sometimes reality seems rich and full in precisely the way a memory of its seeming rich does not.

So Nihilism walks into a bar…

Fuck! This isn’t anything, FUCK! Fuck!

Fuck! Where did all the individuals go?

Fuck! When did all the children become these things we see before us, Fuck! My god!

Fuck! What a lost bunch of fuck!

It’s like your life only lasts for as long as the fairy tales you’re born into last, little bubble worlds pop pop.

Imagine a great vast robotic spider harvesting our fairyball worlds like fruit! Imagine it! It’s god’s face you’re staring at!

I need something to pass the time.
I need something to pass the time.
I need something to pass the time.

Before this God rubs out my cigarette-butt life.


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