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Posted in Uncategorized by bigsleytheoaf on March 12, 2010

No No Wait, let me Try Again.

The point is that we create these states in which patterns can inhabit us. But these patterns exist as seeds which can sprout.

Fuck, look, ok, look. Let me try again.

There exist structural truths, ok?

For instance, a thing cannot refer to every part of itself – if it could then this reference would have to be as large as itself, so it would have to be larger than itself (being composed of the reference and the things referered to).

Another structural truth: Suppose we have two disjoint systems S1 and S2. Suppose that S1 has attained equilibrium and then S2 acts on S1 – S1 will attain a new equilibrium which stores the information of S2’s action.

Another structural truth: information must have bounded “speed” in the sense that information recepticles have “speed.” If not, we run into relativistic paradoxes.

Paradoxes are structural, tautologies are structural, isomorphisms are structural, etc.

So anyway, suppose it’s the case that, anywhere in reality that a certain -type- of context is created random perturbations will bootstrap an identifiable structure – then this structure is a “spirit.” It “exists” in the sense that laws of the universe exist.

I mean, in what sense is gravity not a spirit? In what sense is it not essential? It’s fucking essentialized! It has a capital fucking G you fucking assholes!

But gravity is just a fact about what happens when two pieces of matter exist. It’s something we see over and over again.

How then are facial features we see over and over again not spirits, not laws which are indelibly true in the context of people? Gravity is a law which is indelibly true in the context of matter – why is “matter” the supreme context? How is gravity any more or less a fact of the universe than feline-ness? Round-ness? Hills? Orthogonality? Dimensionality?

My point is not that these spirits have form – my point is that they are identifiable and inextricably bound to the universe. The lower level rules of the system create them over and over again, forever.

Incarnation is simply the fact of a pattern attaining form.

Re-incarnation is a pattern re-attaining form.

Form is empty, emptiness is form.

I see.


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