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Enabling Layered Creation

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In the creation of a language/system/structure
If you describe it through metaphor
This metaphor must be complete

Namely, the creation must occur in context
And it must gain form fully disjoint from that context
As a child is bodily disjoint from its mother
More concretely:

Suppose I am to write a meta-language on top of a language. Examples:

C is meta-ASM
Ruby is meta-C
Mathematics is meta-Natural Language
More largely, Jargons are meta-Natural Language
Subculture is meta-Culture

Each of these meta-structures has an organization of Believers. These Believers contribute to the strength of the meta-structure.

What I am saying is this: if the meta-structure is not disjoint from its underlying structure then the Believers will not be able to devote themselves completely to the goal of the structure. Just as one could not devote one’s energy to a baby not disjoint from its mother without also implicitly devoting that energy to the mother.

SO! If you’re going to start something, anything, make sure that it is conceptually disjoint from everything else. It must have its own language, metaphors, world.

To make something be, make it BE.


Concept and Enlightenment

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Imagine me a balloon. I have been suddenly enlightened, before, to drift up among the clouds. But each time this would happen my gas would leak and I would drift down, down. Most of the days of my life have found me lain limp upon the ground.

But I recall my short sojurns into the sky. Each one carries me higher. Perhaps someday I will reach a height so great that I cannot return from it.

Consider the statement ‘Conceptual understanding is the root of “suffering.”‘

There are too many ways to interpret this statement – after all, what are “concept,” “understanding,” or “suffering?” You cannot know its meaning.

Consider instead its length.

Consider whether I believe it or not.

Consider what it would mean for me to believe such a short statement.

Consider a piece of sea glass, tumbled among the sea for long years, smooth and brilliant. It is “the sea can make sharp shards of glass smooth and soft.” And these words that it is, too, have many interpretations. But it is one thing, the sea glass.

Consider the value of the seaglass. Is it good? Is it bad? Of the statement; good? bad?

‘Conceptual understanding is the root of “suffering.”‘ This statement is merely my interpretation of my own mind, stripped of its unnecessaries, its memories, its long chains of deduction, standing brilliant and free.

Consider the act of comparing the sea glass to its implication. Consider the three: my statement, my mind, your interpretation of my statement.

My mind is the thing. Sea glass is the thing. Statements are merely reflections.

If you can bear the weight of all the world’s empty words you will become enlightened.


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I am a King

Not because I am strong

Not because I am clever

Or regal, or magnanimous

Just blind

hill of skin

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disgusted by/desirous of survival,
flailing worm soul becomes via coughing vomit explosion:
man-mountain, universe-backbone